Trend Micro | Jewelry Box

The Trend Micro Jewelry Box is a cloud-connected consumer device that enables users to easily and securely upload, store and share photos.  It’s one of the latest D2M projects to hit the market and an example of D2M’s comprehensive product development and manufacturing capabilities.

Trend Micro came to D2M with a vision to launch a hardware product that complemented its cloud services and software ecosystem. With the initial target market being Japan, the user problem that needed to be solved was finding a simpler way to transfer photos from a digital camera to a computer for storage, viewing and sharing. Today, most people have to manually transfer photos to their hard drive and upload them to a social network site before being able to share them.

The Jewelry Box was designed to simplify this cumbersome process with the seamless integration of hardware and software. Users can plug in a camera to the Jewelry Box and it will automatically transfer and upload photos to the cloud. The cloud provides secure storage where users can then view their photos and share them with their family and friends.

What D2M Did

D2M worked with Trend Micro from the initial concept phase to the final manufacturing phase.

  • Worked with famed industrial designer Mike Nuttall who created the striking industrial design that exemplified the simplicity and under-stated sophistication of their software service.
  • We defined and designed the electrical and mechanical architecture and detailed engineering files for manufacturing including the schematic, CAD database, and Bill of Materials.
  • Our Hong Kong office then worked closely to source a manufacturer and executed the entire manufacturing process, which included tooling, assembly builds and testing, certification and safety testing, quality engineering and mass production.

The Jewelry Box is now in the market in Japan and will be rolled out worldwide in the near future.

“D2M was a strong partner that helped us transition from being a software company to a comprehensive service company including hardware. D2M delivered one of our first hardware products with their end-to-end services, including industrial design, hardware and mechanical engineering and complete manufacturing and supply chain management.

Their team delivered a beautiful and iconic hardware design that their talented electrical and mechanical engineering team brought to life working while closely with our software team.

In my experience, there are very few design companies that can provide such high quality service at every stage of the product development process while understanding the client’s needs at all times. ”

–  Takeshi Yoshida  Vice President, Trend Micro Incorporated

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