D2M Overview

D2M | Design to Matter is a fast-paced product design company that develops leading edge products for its consulting clients. We’re about getting innovations into consumer hands, not just winning design awards. We foster creative and independent thinking, business acumen and intensive collaboration. We appreciate teammates who take initiative and who bring new and constructive ideas to the table. We truly believe that work can (and should!) be fun and that variety is the spice of life. We strive to make a meaningful impact  on our clients’ businesses and on our fellow team members lives.

Who We’re Looking For

Engineers at at all levels of experience who are creative, passionate about developing new products, and solving tough engineering problems.

Curiosity:  We like employees who show a curiosity about how things work, how people think, what people feel, and how society reacts to all of the former.

Technical Leadership:  Most of our senior engineers are viewed as team leaders who manage client relationships as well as providing insight and guidance to team members on technical challenges.

Culture Building: We like people who work hard and who bring out the best in others.  People who mentor others, foster creativity, and infuse our teams with enthusiasm.

Client Relationships: We need good communicators who are effective at simplifying complex technical concepts and communicating solutions to our clients. We want service-oriented people who strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by demonstrating professionalism and technical excellence.

Commerce:  We want people who demonstrate an understanding of D2M’s business model and strive to help the their teams complete projects efficiently and profitably while maintaining the highest levels of quality.