Real Networks

Pre-iPad Tablet

Before the iPad, RealNetworks saw an opportunity when current and anticipated devices didn’t match their vision for a rich long-format video mobile experience.  They needed a software development platform to begin application development, promote key business relationships and consider a custom device strategy.

D2M user research mapped key insights to primary feature and performance considerations. The hardware and product design team created a new device architecture optimized for RealNetworks’ new user experience proposition and strategic business constraints.


Next D2M developed a software development platform based on a next-gen Freescale chipset. D2M software engineers worked with Freescale to complete the port of Uboot, Linux kernel and Android to this new platform. Development included writing drivers, creating the build environment and improving existing code.

D2M partnered with complimentary consultancies (Ammunition for industrial design and Method for User Experience) to design all aspects of the new product and providing tools to evaluate multiple concept variations.

As RealNetworks’ technical product design partner, D2M provided ongoing flexible support allowing them to adjust for developing business strategies and changing competitive landscape.