Electrical and Software Engineering

System Architecture

Hardware, software, and firmware
Definition and development
Cost/performance analysis and
Independent evaluation
Thermal, EMI, and other system tradeoffs
Parametric test development

Embedded Systems

Microcontrollers:  PIC AVR, 8051, TMS320, X86, MSP430, etc.
Firmware development (Linux, C/C++, ASM, Perl, etc.)
Real‐time multitasking operating environments
Transducer & sensor interface design
Precision positioning controls
Human interface
Networking interfaces (wireless and wired:
Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, Ethernet, optical, etc.)
Microprocessors (ARM,  xScale, etc)
Image processors (Trident, Sigma, etc)
Embedded PCs (ETX, etc.)
Display drivers and controllers

Software Development

System architecture
Real‐time, multitasking  applications
Specialized GUI development

Digital Hardware Design

High speed serial interfaces
High speed memory busses (DDR2, DDR3, etc)
FPGAs, PLDs, etc.

RF and Analog Design

Antenna design
RF communications
Modulation techniques
Specialized  transmitters & receivers
Cost, power, range  optimization
Synthesizers, mixers,  VCOs
Spread spectrum
Radio direction finding
Amplifiers, filters, etc.
Audio system design

DSP Design

Algorithm development (Matlab, C, etc.)
Commercial DSP chips
DSP software
Signal reconditioning
Speech recognition & compression

Power Systems

Power systems architecture
Distribution, loading, hot swapping
Micropower battery systems for portable products

Printed Circuit Board Design

High‐density packaging
Multiple package  types (BGA, TAB, etc.)
High‐speed  logic and RF circuits
Design for  EMI/RFI minimization
Design for manufacturing