Go Green Solutions

LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement

An Efficacy Investigation

Go Green Solutions came to D2M looking for a way to improve on their method of replacing traditional fluorescent tubes with LED fluorescent tubes. The solution would provide a means of saving in both energy and maintenance costs while not requiring a retrofit of existing fixtures.

D2M investigated the integration of high-powered LEDs into a fluorescent tube replacement, focusing on light intensity and thermal management optimization. Our team conducted engineering lab work, measuring sampling and creating prototypes.


Areas of focus included:

  • Housing
  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Diffusion Possibilities
  • LED Light Quality vs. Fluorescents
  • Efficiencies
  • LED Distribution
  • Heat Flow
  • Meeting Energy Star Requirements


The D2M team went even further, developing an LED fluorescent tube replacement power supply as a ballast replacement. Our engineering team developed a universal (including 277 VAC single-phase industrial) range tube integrated AC/DC constant current LED driver, with optional triac dimming.

Other areas of focus included:

  • Investigating alternate topologies
  • Determining applicable regulatory agency requirements
  • Designing, prototyping and testing
  • Architecting for long life
  • Facilitating the release of the design to manufacturing