Ready for a Tactile Touchscreen?

D2M is proud to congratulate our clients and friends, Tactus Technology on their recent global announcement! Their mind blowing tactile microfluidic technology brings buttons to your touch screen when you want them and magically makes them disappear when you don’t. It’s everything you loved about your old blackberry integrated into your new sleeker smart phone.

As a marketer, these are the kind of dream stories you wish for all of your clients. Nothing trumps a truly viral launch.  At one point, the Tactus Technology video was getting 107 views a MINUTE- that’s almost two people pushing play every second. Within their first ten days of launch, their video had nearly two million views. Word of Tactus’ new technology reached nearly every country on the planet in a matter of hours. VC’s, Angels and CEOs traditionally weary of start-ups outside of the software space were forced to take notice. What was once a quiet, petite and ingenious group of individuals is now a global leader in microfluidics. And it all happened “over night”. That is the beauty of a well executed Marketing and PR campaign.

We look forward to working with Tactus in the future as their business expands. The Tactus technology could very well revolutionize the touch screen market and we could not be prouder to call them clients and friends.

Tactus Technology Introduction from Tactus Technology Inc. on Vimeo.

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